Become An Author


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You Can Become An Author!

You can do it now, without meeting daily word quotas, without spending hours researching case studies and without hunting down subjects and conducting interviews.


You can even do it without writing.


Your Book Written By A New York Times Bestselling Ghostwriter

Your book will be written by a ghostwriter whose ghosted books have reached the New York Times and Businessweek bestsellers lists. They've been taught on MBA courses and launched speaking careers.  

Easy, Convenient And Fast

Writing a book with a ghostwriter is simple and enjoyable. You'll use phone calls, Skype or email to explain your ideas and relate your experiences. In just a few months, you'll be reading your very own book - a book that contains your thoughts and your stories written in your voice.


Build Your Brand, Share Your Expertise!

A ghostwritten book is the fastest, easiest way for business leaders and marketing experts to build their brand, create their platforms and prove their expertise. It's your ticket to your audience.


Discover how you can write your book the easy way!

(Without the writing!)